AAJ TAK news channel is pathetic

This is to check that whether the popular news channel ‘AAJ TAK’ is going to get renamed as ‘Ad Tak’. Because it seems that they have limited themselves to ads.

Like everyone else I am also interested in being updated with the latest news. I prefer reading the news online. I watch news occasionally when I am at home. Most of the time I see news on NDTV, Aaj Tak and CNBC.

Recently I was watching news on the so called award winning (three years continuously for best News Channel) news channel Aaj Tak. I felt that those guys are gone far the way on just making money. It is no more a news channel. Whenever I tune to the channel it is showing the Ads. These people are misusing their popularity and fooling the viewers.

The recent example is of the news of the Noida double murder case (Aarushi-Hemraj murder). The channel has highlighted the news so much that the entire nation is watching the news daily to see any big breakthrough for more than a month now. And I am feeling very bad to express that the channel is badly exploiting the interest of the viewers. I observed that the channel was coming up with lots of breaking news segments on this story. In this news segments they pretended that they are going to do a big news flash in this case. Their correspondents were spying the entire seen. But all to just display ads and making money. I was shocked when I accidentally saw one of the segments. The news presenter says

I believe that they would have badly raised their TRPs only by doing this. Now I think that this is the secret to become the number one news channel. Just give the viewers an impression that they are investigating and covering every bit of the news by deploying too many correspondents who are behind the scenes day and night and getting this kinda bogus news.


They have made the life of Noida police miserable as those fellows stated some childish theories and arrived at some weird conclusions because of the day by day pressure built by the involment of media. They didn’t even let the CBI to investigate the case in peace. I remember the scene when they were showing a footage of their correspondents interviewing the accused ‘Krishna’ while the CBI was taking him for the Narco Test. Their correspondents were chasing them in the plane and at that airport too. This is really interrupting the system and it should be not tolerated. The news channels may have the rights to express their views and opinions. They also have the right to reach the bottom of the story by doing all the investigations. But I think that they should not be allowed to interrupt in the activities of such dignified bodies like CBI.   I don’t think that they will succeed in their wicked deeds. The public is not fool. They know what information to get and they will look some other alternatives to get it

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