Have you ever thought about how the website address you type in the browser address bar gets resolved to the IP address. This post describes the way Domain Name Servers […]

This is to check that whether the popular news channel ‘AAJ TAK’ is going to get renamed as ‘Ad Tak’. Because it seems that they have limited themselves to ads. […]

Introducing QR Codes

Introducing QR Codes Mobile Phones are the most revolutionary device which has changed our lives in the present world. Camera phones have become the part of our daily life like […]

Today we named our newborn daughter as ‘Karen John’. She was born on 4th May. She was born pre-term and 25 days before the EDD. Today she has completed 28 […]

Frauds at Bangalore Petrol Pumps

Operators at various petrol pumps in Bangalore (may be in other cities too), are cheating customers by breaking up the delivery of petrol in two steps, and distracting them in […]

When I watch TV or read newspapers and magazine I often think that how can they publish such substandard materials and oversell the nonsense. Whenever anyone ask why they don’t […]