I became a father.

Saumya gave birth to a baby girl on 04-May-2008. Both mother and child are fine. You can see her first pics in my Photo Gallery.

For instance, at a hospital in Chennai, capital of Tamil Nadu, an 80-year-old grandmother was seen feeding a newborn some liquid she had brought with her. “This is donkey’s milk. […]

The snake charmers’ community in Chhattisgarh’s Korba District observes an ancient bizarre ritual of making the bride carry nine different species of snakes as dowry. Refusal to do so ends […]

An Indian train driver came up with an original idea when the train he was driving broke down unexpectedly. Rather than face the prospect of scores of frustrated passengers launching […]

Hi All. This is Johnlee Sam saying hello to the world. This is my personal Blog Spot. I am sharing all may thoughts over here.Your comments are most welcome. I […]

Dhulipada Dutta was arrested for giving the flag that he had in his possession to a tailor to stitch the undergarment, SP (Nadia) H.K. Kushumakar said. He was produced before […]