Frauds at Bangalore Petrol Pumps

Operators at various petrol pumps in Bangalore (may be in other cities too), are cheating customers by breaking up the delivery of petrol in two steps, and distracting them in between the steps. Most of us are conditioned to check only when the meter first starts running, and when it finally ends. If the petrol is given to us in two batches, some of us either miss (or are distracted) at the point when the meter needs to be reset to start the next batch. Operators take this opportunity to make money on our expense.


I noticed this 4-5 times when I was filling the petrol by measure. I noticed that the operator pretends that he has not listened the requirement properly from us. For example if you ask them to fill 5 litres. They will deliberately fill 1 litre and stop. when you say again that you required 5 litres, they will continue filling petrol and the meter shows 4 litre count. Here is the catch. You will feel that he has filled 1 litre first and then 4 litres in the second batch so total 5 litres. But the truth is he didn’t reset the counter. insted he has increased the counter to 4 litres. We think that it is additional 4 litres. but the fact is that it is total 4 litres. So, you got 1 litre petrol less. This is the cheat.

So beware of these people when they dont fill the petrol in one shot and always ask them to reset the counter to zero before each fill (whether you are continuing the filling).

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