I became a father.

Saumya gave birth to a baby girl on 04-May-2008. Both mother and child are fine. You can see her first pics in my Photo Gallery.


My baby is so cute. I am on cloud nine after her birth. I can’t explain how I am feeling now. Its a great experience.

Saumya was feeling some pain in the stomach that night. Normally she was having pain occassionaly after being pregnant. But that night when I came back from Office she told me that she is feeling uncomfortable and baby is making the movements so frequently that she was in pain. Initially we felt it may be normal and will be alright when sleeping. Aroung 23:00 Hrs when we went to our bed she was feeling restless.
This is when I thought that now she will definately not sleep and even will not let me sleep too. Whenever she tells me that she has a pain, I always feel Ok it will be alright and ignore that. But this time I did not wanted to take chance. Finally I made the decision that let us go to hospital and consult the doctor. I also told her that let them admit you in the hospital because I knew that I will not understand her pain. She told me that she will manage till morning and we will go to hospital in the morning. But I decided to admit her in the hospital because the doctors know better.

So, at around 23:45 hrs. we went to the Manipal Hospital and went to the maternity ward. They took her in and checked the status. We were surprised when the doctor told us that the baby is started moving down. The head is already fixed and the dilatation was of 2 fingers out of 10. They admitted her immediately and the baby is born at 06:00



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