IPL Match – Sachin the worst

I am not a cricket crazy. But I don’t hate cricket. I watch a match whenever I have a good mood or the match is interesting.

I watched some of the innings of the IPL 2008. Last night I watched the IPL final and that was an exciting match. I don’t think we could have a better finale to this tournament. Rajasthan after beginning as the least likely to win at the start of the tournament went on to win the cup. My congratulations to the Rajasthan team and supporters. Chennai, hard luck but very well fought.

Mumbai Indians is team which I dont liked. I dont like the players like sachin in the match. I know many of you take him as GOD. But don’t mind I personally have a bad opinion about him. I agree he was a good player. But I think he never does anything for the team nowadays. All he does is for benefiting himself. Getting endorsements and publicity. He is totally out of form. I think he should retire now.

Anyways the new boys are doing well.
My best wishes to:
MS Dhoni
RP Singh
Yousuf and Irfan Pathan

Keep it up guys.

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  1. Hi there, I observed this blog once, then lost it. Took me ferevor to come back and discover it. I wanted to view what comments you got. Great blog by the way.


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