Donkeys Milk

For instance, at a hospital in Chennai, capital of Tamil Nadu, an 80-year-old grandmother was seen feeding a newborn some liquid she had brought with her. “This is donkey’s milk. You will grow up and have a great voice,” she declared triumphantly later, reports Pushpa Narayan. She explained how everyone in the family had a loud voice because of the donkey milk they were given immediately after they were born.

Posters displayed by the hospital authorities advising nursing mothers on exclusive breastfeeding of infants made no sense to her. She said: “It’s a bit salty, but does immense good. It’s a remedy for cough, liver complaints and exhaustion.”

Doctors and nurses frequently warn nursing mothers not to feed the infants anything other than the mother’s milk, but the ‘grandma’s recipe’ continues to pose the threat of neo-natal infections in government maternity hospitals and also increase the chances of infants being susceptible to infection.

Paediatricians said donkey milk was not poisonous, but chances of the baby

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