What I like to read?

When I watch TV or read newspapers and magazine I often think that how can they publish such substandard materials and oversell the nonsense. Whenever anyone ask why they don’t publish much about the stories about some substantial service in the various fields the answer is, “It doesn’t sell.” People are more willing to read nonsense gossips than what an obscure person is doing to educate street children. Is it correct?

I read lots of newspapers and magazines. The majority of them include:Readers Digest, India Today, Times Of India, Economic Times, Vanitha.

Among all these I rate RD as the best magazine.

Reader’s Digest was founded in the U.S., its international editions have made it the best-selling monthly magazine in the world. The magazine’s worldwide circulation including all editions has reached 21 million copies and over 100 million readers.

Reader’s Digest is a monthly general interest family magazine. Although its circulation has declined in recent years, the Audit Bureau of Circulation says Reader’s Digest is still the best-selling consumer magazine in the United States, with a circulation of over 10 million copies in the United States, and a readership of 38 million as measured by Mediamark Research (MRI).”


Now I would like to tell you what does this magazine publish? details of lives of Jennifer Lopez or Pamela Anderson? Certainly not. This magazine sells optimism, extraordinary battles of ordinary souls, clean humor, family values etc. Reader’s Digest sells and sells better than other magazines whose editors claim that story of ordinary mortals don’t sell.

The most interesting segments of the magazines are:

Word Power – Learn new English words.

Laughter, the best medicine – Jokes and fun the real humor

Life is like that – Humor and real life experiences.

All in a days work – Unforgettable experiences at workplace

RD Health – Tips and information about health

RD Challenge – Brain Teasers 

And the remarkable things are … You just get one and read today to discover. 


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