Wordpress posts showing blank page

I have been facing issue in my WordPress site.


1. Home page and Admin page was opening.
2. Posts were listed on the home page.
3. An Empty page or Blank Page or White page was displayed while opening the direct link to the posts listed.
4. Browser console showed that the WordPress post was infact returning 404 Error.
5. Editing the post in Admin console was loading empty text. The Post content was empty. If I saved it, then it was saving blank in database, resulting an empty post.

I have Googled half a day, and tried different solutions suggested by different people. All in vain.
Finally, I fixed the problem by below solution.


Go to Settings >> Permalinks, and simply click on Save Changes button. This updates your permalinks settings and flushes rewrite rules.

Voila, the posts started appearing again.

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